BOSTON: Convention Center Pairs Renowned Chefs with New Restaurant

*Editor’s note: What an exciting addition to Boston’s cityscape. I’m curious to see what kind of magic Lydia and Jasper create at Towne.  Please share your experiences. Send them to and I’ll post them after the story. Thank you — Denise

Lydia Shire and Jasper White Collaborate on Towne stove and spirits

By Regan Dillon, Public Relations official for the Moxie Agency

Front of Towne. Photo by Eric Levin

Towne stove and spirits (or simply Towne) opened July 30 at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center with a great culinary combination. Lydia Shire and Jasper White, two of Boston’s best chefs, head this new 397-seat restaurant. It’s the city’s first private-public partnership and combines the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA), its Executive Director James Rooney and developers Patrick Lyons and Ed Sparks. Towne opens its doors to convention attendees, tourists, residents and workers.

“This restaurant serves the people of Boston, from the thousands of visitors to the thousands of workers and residents in the Back Bay,” Lyons said.  “We believe in Boston, so as ambitious as this project is, we built it with the future of this city in mind.”

Towne stove and spirits has three dining rooms, just as many bars, a 90-seat outdoor balcony within 13,000 square feet. Even with all that space Towne is cozy and comfortable.  This two-story urban brasserie combines the farming and fishing of  New England’s best products, created cooked and served with a cosmopolitan flair. Reasonably priced, some of the menu includes: Peking chicken; a 12-course lobster tasting menu; a special rice menu that highlights the grain and its many cultural interpretations; and handmade pastas.

“Jasper has been my friend and confidante for 30 years and Mario has executed my menus to perfection since opening BiBa,” Shire said. “Our love and dedication to great food is at the core of Towne’s menu.”

Conversations about a restaurant in the Hynes began four years ago at the MCCA. After submitting proposals and competing against major restaurant chains, Lyons and Spark were selected by MCCA officials.

“We couldn’t imagine a better addition to the Hynes Convention Center.  With two of Boston’s best chefs and the creative business insight of Patrick Lyons and Ed Sparks, Towne is poised to not only enhance the experience of our convention guests but also create a new benchmark for city dining,” said Rooney.

Towne's interior (Photo by Eric Levin).

For more information: Towne at:

Hours: Daily open from 11:30 a.m. – midnight. Bar: 11:30 a.m. – 2 a.m. – Telephone: 617- 247-0400.