SPAIN: The Ultimate Tapas Party


By Richard Frisbie When you’re hungry, any kind of food sounds good. When you are planning a dinner for fifty or sixty hungry people, tapas sounds like a brilliant idea, but is it dinner? At the Paradores Hotel in Santiago de Compostella last February, Emilio Gomez proved it was both! It was the first of ten concept dinners, each encompassing eighteen regions of … [Read more...]

LOUISIANA: ‘Tis the Season for … Crawdads, AKA Mud Bugs


Don’t Leave Louisiana without Tasting Crawdads, at Least Once Text and photographs by Vivienne Mackie You’re sitting with the sun, warm on your face, sounds of jazz music drifting round the corner.  This is New Orleans, and you suspect there’ll be a taste adventure.  You ask the waiter for suggestions and he says, “Crawdads.” “Crawdads?” you ask.  You’d been … [Read more...]

OREGON: Chef Buehler’s Moroccan Braised Lamb and Pears

Braised lamb shank with carmelized pears and shallots. Photo courtesy of Pears Bureau Northwest.

Tickling my Inner Caveman By Deston Nokes Rarely have I felt so conflicted on how to begin eating such a gorgeous mountain of lamb, pears and shallots. My inner Fred Flintstone wanted to grab the leg bone and gnaw with unrestrained relish, but the sophisticated ambiance of Portland’s Lauro Kitchen (, and my refined dinner companions kept my … [Read more...]

ITALY: Floating Flavours of Italia


By Keith Kellett When we took our first cruise, it was with another line, and we were nearly put off for ever. Although the ship was British-owned, it flew the Greek flag. Not only did we miss, for instance, the fabled sunset on Santorini, we were hull-down on the horizon, tucking into roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I ask you! We can get that at home any day of … [Read more...]

French House Party

St. Raymond

by Keith Kellett Take six to a dozen different people, from all kinds of backgrounds and varied cooking abilities. Add a French master chef, a skilled sous-chef, one who is also a wine expert, and her husband, who is another wine expert. Blend together in a modernised 200-year-old farmhouse in France's Languedoc district, serve with walking, cycling, tennis and … [Read more...]

Globalfoodie’s Writers and Experts


Denise Dubé, globalfoodie’s creator and editor, is a food writer who travels – or a traveling foodie who writes. Foods preparation, its origin, smell and presentation are a passion (and obsession) and she enjoys tasting and writing about its cultural nuances. globalfoodie is her baby and food is her muse. It’s also the main reason she needs to lose a few extra pounds. Her work … [Read more...]