A Most Unusual Wine Tasting

a cheese plate to die for

Photos and text by Richard Frisbie My recent visit to Spain was ostensibly to follow the Ruta de Santa Teresa, but honestly my primary interest was to sample the wine and food that the Castilla y Leon region is famous for.  My colleagues and I ate in many great restaurants and had incredible wines both paired with the meals and as tastings in the wineries themselves. But the … [Read more...]

Finding Pho

Beef pho from Pho 88, Lowell.

Denise J. Dubé                   Soup truly nourishes my soul and warms my heart, no matter what the season. Pho, a Vietnamese staple, is a personal favorite. My San Franciscan sister-in-law, while in Boston a dozen years ago, introduced me to this exotic elixir at Pho Pasteur in Cambridge. A heaping … [Read more...]

Louisiana Gumbo, Seasoned with Good Friends and Travel.

Shannon cooking in the Craigdarroch Arm's Hotel kitchen.

By Shannon Hurst Lane   A few weeks ago while in Ely, England with friends, we took turns making our favorite dishes. I packed spices to make gumbo, a Louisiana favorite. I knew the proper Andouille sausage was hard to find. Fortunately, the local Waitrose supermarket offered a nice chorizo as a perfect substitute. The gumbo was a spicy delicious meal, … [Read more...]

Dining Trends: A Bread Course in Charlevoix


                A recent article in Bon Appétit magazine referenced several restaurants in the country, where bread was moved off the traditional bread plate to reappear as an entrée, or at least as its own course. It appears that dishes with bread as the primary ingredient are gaining a following – and respect. … [Read more...]

BELGIUM: Vincent Florizoone

Chef Vincent Florizoone. Photo by Maria Lisella.

Mythology of a Young Innovator: Vincent FlorizooneBy Maria Lisella A splashy entrance is not Vincent Florizoone’s style. If anything, his understated arrival at an interview on the 44th Floor of the New York Times building was inauspicious. Lanky and handsome, he is charming in a relaxed way, no affectations or airs. At at the mere mention of food he is alert, happy and … [Read more...]


Exterior shot of the CIA (Photo by Richard Frisbie.)

Plays well with others ... By Richard Frisbie The image that comes to mind when I hear "Boot Camp" does not include kitchen skills, especially when it's prefaced with CIA. I think of sweaty bodies and abusive drill sergeants constantly shouting orders to do more push-ups. Naturally then, it was with some trepidation that I accepted an invitation to attend a CIA … [Read more...]

How Green Is Your Chocolate?

By Judy Kirkwood Fifty million pounds of chocolate will be sold in honor of Valentine’s Day. Women of a certain age with discriminating palates – in other words, advanced chocoholics -- might prefer Godiva or boutique chocolates. But much of that 50 million pounds will be in the form of Hershey’s kisses, chocolate roses, and their 3 pound solid chocolate hearts. In fact, … [Read more...]

ISTANBUL: Emilie Harting Attends Istanbul Culinary Institute

Students at work.

(All photos are courtesy of the Istanbul Culinary Institute.) A Traveler Attends the Istanbul Culinary Institute By Emilie C. Harting Were it not for the large letters “Istanbul Culinary Institute” above the front entrance, one would assume that the restaurant Enstitu was an elegant café in a row of buildings next to the Pera Museum southeast of Taksim Square.  … [Read more...]

Richard Frisbie Savors Saveur

Richard Frisbie makes Saveur's Paradise Salad. (Photo by Richard Frisbie.)

Alevropita (A Saveur Feta Tart) By RICHARD FRISBIE Sometimes a recipe just jumps off the page at me. It’s as if it were one of those Mad Men era Virginia Slims commercials: “Taste Me, Taste Me.” That’s what happened while I was reading the current issue of Saveur magazine. First, there was an article about “congealed salads.” They didn’t call them that, of course. That’s … [Read more...]



Savor the Spirit of Africa Text and photos by Vivienne Mackie The African continent is home to a variety of fascinating ancient trees and plants, a fact that enhances the mystery and appeal of this continent. One is the Marula Tree, often called “The Great Provider,” because of its many uses. The Marula tree grows naturally in the warm, frost-free regions of … [Read more...]