CANADA: Bannock, Yukon’s Gold

Frying bannock. (Photo by Susan McKee.)

By Susan McKee I’m always on the lookout for indigenous cooking wherever I travel. Last summer, while on a trip to Canada’s Yukon Territory, I was wandering through Dawson City on my way to the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre when the aroma of bannock stopped me. What's a traditional Scottish treat doing up in the Yukon Territory? The aroma lured me toward a young woman … [Read more...]

ITALY: Ringraziamento

The author poses beside a roasted turkey while holding its foldout paper partner.

Last year's favorite! Ringraziamento … an Italian Thanksgiving By Andrew J. Harvey During the fall of 2008 a dream of mine came true -- the opportunity to spend a semester living and studying in Italy. Having learned the Italian language, I specifically requested a host family that spoke little or no English. I arrived at Gianni and Ana Silvestri's multi-story … [Read more...]

AMSTERDAM: Dutch Treats

Entree at Haesje Claes. Photo by Keith Kellett.

by Keith Kellett Most Dutch people speak English: I believe it’s a compulsory subject in the schools, which is a good thing. Although the Dutch language is not difficult to read, especially if you speak German, it’s another thing entirely to pronounce it correctly. So, when you’re dining in Amsterdam, it’s a good idea to write down the name of the restaurant, and … [Read more...]

SPAIN: The Ultimate Tapas Party


By Richard Frisbie When you’re hungry, any kind of food sounds good. When you are planning a dinner for fifty or sixty hungry people, tapas sounds like a brilliant idea, but is it dinner? At the Paradores Hotel in Santiago de Compostella last February, Emilio Gomez proved it was both! It was the first of ten concept dinners, each encompassing eighteen regions of … [Read more...]

ITALY: Floating Flavours of Italia


By Keith Kellett When we took our first cruise, it was with another line, and we were nearly put off for ever. Although the ship was British-owned, it flew the Greek flag. Not only did we miss, for instance, the fabled sunset on Santorini, we were hull-down on the horizon, tucking into roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I ask you! We can get that at home any day of … [Read more...]

FRANCE: Cognac


By Susan McKee Cognac has been a tourist town for centuries not for its eponymous distilled spirits, but for its location. It’s on one of the ancient pilgrimage routes to Santiago (St. James) de Compostella in northwest Spain. For centuries, religious travelers have stopped in France to rest or pray at Cognac’s churches on the way to Galicia. The Tours Saint-Jacques (St. James … [Read more...]

Poke: Hawaiian Soul Food


Hawaii offers its share of culinary specialties, but one item that is served at any self-respecting Hawaiian house gathering is poke. Poke is an appetizer or snack traditionally made of small bite size pieces of raw, fresh fish tossed with a relish of seaweed and kukui nut. Contemporary versions of poke include a wide array of seafood with various mixtures of spices. Poke is … [Read more...]

French House Party

St. Raymond

by Keith Kellett Take six to a dozen different people, from all kinds of backgrounds and varied cooking abilities. Add a French master chef, a skilled sous-chef, one who is also a wine expert, and her husband, who is another wine expert. Blend together in a modernised 200-year-old farmhouse in France's Languedoc district, serve with walking, cycling, tennis and … [Read more...]

KOREA: Kimchi … Gimchi, Korea’s National Dish


By Vivienne Mackie Korea has a rich culinary tradition -- one of Asia’s finest -- and sampling the many delights is one of the pleasures of visiting the country. A typical Korean meal is based around boiled rice, a variety of soups, and as many side dishes (called banchan) as the cook can muster that day. In fact, banchan are the hallmark of Korean cuisine and all the … [Read more...]

CABOS: An Unforgettable Dinner at Las Ventanas at Paraíso


By Richard Frisbie Las Ventanas al Paraíso is an exclusive hotel on the Cabos "corridor," part way between the luxury resort town of Cabo San Lucas to the south, and the quieter colonial city of San Jose del Cabo to the north. It is simply stunning in its landscaping and architectural beauty. With a little over 100 rooms and suites, Las Ventanas al Paraíso (which … [Read more...]