A Most Unusual Wine Tasting

a cheese plate to die for

Photos and text by Richard Frisbie My recent visit to Spain was ostensibly to follow the Ruta de Santa Teresa, but honestly my primary interest was to sample the wine and food that the Castilla y Leon region is famous for.  My colleagues and I ate in many great restaurants and had incredible wines both paired with the meals and as tastings in the wineries themselves. But the … [Read more...]

SPAIN: The Ultimate Tapas Party


By Richard Frisbie When you’re hungry, any kind of food sounds good. When you are planning a dinner for fifty or sixty hungry people, tapas sounds like a brilliant idea, but is it dinner? At the Paradores Hotel in Santiago de Compostella last February, Emilio Gomez proved it was both! It was the first of ten concept dinners, each encompassing eighteen regions of … [Read more...]

Tapas Tips


By Keith Kellett I often take part in Spain’s Vaughantown English-language programs. They usually start with a get-to-know-you tapas party on Saturday night. For first-timers, it's an introduction to a Spanish custom, where your beer or wine is often served with a little nibble. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to translate the word tapas concisely into English. … [Read more...]