Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer! Courtesy photo.

Celebrate Boston’s sweetest week with Buca di Beppo, Da Vinci Ristorante, Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake & Stanhope Grille By Bryan Barbieri WHAT: Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is celebrating its 12th year of success in the city! This year, some of the area’s premier restaurants and bakeries will be joining forces to help … [Read more...]

WISCONSIN: Jazzed Up Marshmallows Provide a Perfect Holiday Topping

Specialty marshmallows, mmm ...

By Deston S. Nokes No more coffee, no more tea, I’m seeking chocolaty warmth from head to … knee. With a wintery bluster outside my Oregon home, I rifled through my cupboards for hot chocolate and a package of cinnamon-infused marshmallows from Jazzed Up Marshmallows that I had been saving for just this type of day. Plopping a few of the small … [Read more...]

OREGON: Feast On!

One lucky little boy enjoys a carmel apple. (Photo courtesty of Mt. Hood.)

Autumn Festival Showcases Oregon’s Bounty with Mountain, Farm and City Delights By Deston Nokes Whether foraging for chanterelles, plucking huckleberries, quaffing expertly crafted ales or getting one’s teeth stuck on a candied apple, visitors to Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory glorious autumn festival, Feast On! ( can indulge in a … [Read more...]

BOSTON: Convention Center Pairs Renowned Chefs with New Restaurant

Front of Towne. Photo by Eric Levin

*Editor's note: What an exciting addition to Boston's cityscape. I'm curious to see what kind of magic Lydia and Jasper create at Towne.  Please share your experiences. Send them to and I'll post them after the story. Thank you -- Denise Lydia Shire and Jasper White Collaborate on Towne stove and spirits By Regan Dillon, Public Relations official … [Read more...]


Chocolate torte. (Photo by Rosemary Minati.)

Enticing Fare in Portsmouth Review by Rosemary Minati Mombo, 66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH  03801. Telephone:  603-433-2340. Mombo isn't just a culinary experience. No, this new eatery serves enticing visual fare too. My husband and I fell in love with this restaurant the moment we walked through the door. Located in a charming old  building, it has … [Read more...]

NEW HAMPSHIRE’S: Manor at Golden Pond Offers Vegan


Award Winning Chef, Peter Sheedy, Offers Exceptional Vegan by Emilie C. Harting Set on a hill overlooking New Hampshire’s Squam Lake and the White Mountains, the Manor at Golden Pond, with its sprawling main house, croquet setups, swimming pool, and surrounding woods, brings to mind an English country house.  Books line the lower half of the walls … [Read more...]



SPICE WINGS WITH THIS FLAVORSOME RUB AND MARINADE By Peter Francis Battaglia I'm not one of those chili and hot sauce fanatics, however, I love the intensity of heat, sweetness and the all around flavor profile it adds when one is not stupid with the amount added to a dish.  If you are at all put off by hot foods, maybe you've been force fed too much heat in a … [Read more...]

LOUISIANA: ‘Tis the Season for … Crawdads, AKA Mud Bugs


Don’t Leave Louisiana without Tasting Crawdads, at Least Once Text and photographs by Vivienne Mackie You’re sitting with the sun, warm on your face, sounds of jazz music drifting round the corner.  This is New Orleans, and you suspect there’ll be a taste adventure.  You ask the waiter for suggestions and he says, “Crawdads.” “Crawdads?” you ask.  You’d been … [Read more...]

OREGON: Chef Buehler’s Moroccan Braised Lamb and Pears

Braised lamb shank with carmelized pears and shallots. Photo courtesy of Pears Bureau Northwest.

Tickling my Inner Caveman By Deston Nokes Rarely have I felt so conflicted on how to begin eating such a gorgeous mountain of lamb, pears and shallots. My inner Fred Flintstone wanted to grab the leg bone and gnaw with unrestrained relish, but the sophisticated ambiance of Portland’s Lauro Kitchen (, and my refined dinner companions kept my … [Read more...]

VERMONT: The Pitcher Inn

The Pitcher Inn. Photo by Emilie C. Harting.

ELEGANT FOOD AND DESIGN IN VERMONT’S MAD RIVER VALLEY by Emilie C. Harting The front entrance of the Pitcher Inn hugs the side of the road on Main Street in the charming village of Warren, Vermont. Here the cadences of everyday life slow down. Often, the only sounds are the wrens and sparrows, the flow of the river behind the general store across the country … [Read more...]