Louisiana Chocolate Pie


By Kaye Hurst Mom’s Chocolate Pie A special friend of my daughter’s called to check on her after a recent surgery. An immediate connection was made and we were old friends from way back. We talked about my daughter’s recovery – she’s doing better, thank you for asking – and about the food I brought her house as she rested and mended. “Comfort food, that’s what they … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving … Louisiana Style


By Shannon Hurst Lane Some households enjoy a traditional turkey dinner. Here in Louisiana we have a different take on the annual celebration. Holiday traditions here usually include peanut oil, three fowl, and basically a lot of lard. Sounds pretty gross? Well, where I come from, these are cooked together to form the base for a symphony of culinary delights that would … [Read more...]

Oregon’s Bounty Helps Lift a Regional Icon


By Deston Nokes Mt. Hood’s Timberline Lodge has long been known as Oregon’s second most-visited site after Multnomah Falls. Located on the face of Mt. Hood, just a stone’s throw from Portland, Timberline offers incredible year-round skiing, a rustic ambiance, and a top-notch culinary team. Timberline Lodge is more than an iconic landmark. It’s a mountain cabin on a grand … [Read more...]

COLORADO: Riviera Restaurant, a Glenwood Springs Treasure


by Ron Stern The dark exterior and 1940s neon sign belies what visitors find inside this Glenwood Springs, Colorado prize. Owner Colleen Stuart has remade what was formerly known as the Riviera Supper Club into her own vision. Now it’s just called the Riviera Restaurant and it’s both visually pleasing and the food is mouth watering. The interior is surprisingly bright … [Read more...]

Washington Wineries and More …


A Journey Around the State's Eastern Reaches By Susan McKee In one day, you can sample top vintages from award-winning wineries and contemplate museum exhibits chronically the development of the atomic bomb. No doubt about it: there's something for everyone in the southeastern corner of Washington State. Washington State is more than its Pacific Coast with Seattle and … [Read more...]

Portland’s Pine State Biscuits


Portland’s Pine State Biscuits Gain National Following with North Carolina Cooking By Deston Nokes Clearly, the diet would have to wait. Looking up at the chalkboard menu, my eyes scrolled down a list of preparations I had nearly-forgotten … the type my grandmother would make using an iron skillet in a kitchen singing along with the sizzle of frying chicken and the smell … [Read more...]

Hudson Valley Food Fare


THE TAVERN, THE VALLEY, AND THE BIRD AND BOTTLE Dinner at the Tavern at the Highlands Country Club or at its sister restaurant, the Valley, as the sunset folds down over the mountains and river, is a sublime conclusion to a day in the Hudson Highlands. Both have accolades from The New York Times and Esquire, and a number of food magazines. Several miles away The Bird … [Read more...]



Grits By Shannon Hurst Lane The first time I traveled north of the Mason Dixon line, I was 17. I was headed for Washington, DC for the National High School Honor Band to compete with high school seniors from across the United States. One morning a group of us went in search of breakfast in our nation’s capitol. When asked for my order I automatically replied, … [Read more...]

Fresh from the Farm Stand


by Denise Dubé Bavaria spatzle, Germany's white asparagus, and Norwegien salmon are only a few of the specialties I’ve savored during the last few years. But there’s a place much closer to my New England home that brings mouthwatering joy to rivals those international delights. Since we’ve almost hit summer, rather than book an airline ticket to a gastronomic paradise … [Read more...]

The Green Spears of Spring


by Guest Writer, Michael Norton Spring brings out the best in most people, especially after a six-month winter in Empire, a tiny Lake Michigan coastal village. Every year residents celebrate  emerging and delicate vegetables with the Empire Asparagus Festival. Garbed in glorious green asparagus-like costumes, Empireans start the two-day party by parading through the small … [Read more...]