Finding Pho

Beef pho from Pho 88, Lowell.

Denise J. Dubé                   Soup truly nourishes my soul and warms my heart, no matter what the season. Pho, a Vietnamese staple, is a personal favorite. My San Franciscan sister-in-law, while in Boston a dozen years ago, introduced me to this exotic elixir at Pho Pasteur in Cambridge. A heaping … [Read more...]


Chicken cacciatore simmering "on the range."

Rose's Chicken Cacciatore By Denise J. Dubé Growing up chicken cacciatore – or hunter’s stew – was frequently served at our house. It was filling and held large chunks of chicken, Mom’s tomato sauce, green beans and potatoes. It was a satisfying meal that filled the tummies of a larger-than-average family. It’s been decades, but I still remember the distinct flavor … [Read more...]

Globalfoodiegal or From the Editor…


Welcome to! August 19, 2010 Yesterday, I made one of my favorite sandwiches. Egg salad with whole grain bread. Then I read about the egg recall. My eggs were not on the recall list, but I threw them away anyway and bought a new dozen. Better safe than salmonella. Make sure your eggs are not on the list:  … [Read more...]

Upcoming Events in the UK


(Update, courtesy of Keith Kellett) Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival Sept. 19 - 20, 2009 An estimated 50,000 visitors are expected at the fourth annual Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival this September. Hastings won “Flavour of the South East” category in Tourism South’s 2008 East ExSellence awards. Hastings, of course, has an indelible place in British history as … [Read more...]

Fresh from the Farm Stand


by Denise Dubé Bavaria spatzle, Germany's white asparagus, and Norwegien salmon are only a few of the specialties I’ve savored during the last few years. But there’s a place much closer to my New England home that brings mouthwatering joy to rivals those international delights. Since we’ve almost hit summer, rather than book an airline ticket to a gastronomic paradise … [Read more...]

Globalfoodie’s Writers and Experts


Denise Dubé, globalfoodie’s creator and editor, is a food writer who travels – or a traveling foodie who writes. Foods preparation, its origin, smell and presentation are a passion (and obsession) and she enjoys tasting and writing about its cultural nuances. globalfoodie is her baby and food is her muse. It’s also the main reason she needs to lose a few extra pounds. Her work … [Read more...]