ISTANBUL: Emilie Harting Attends Istanbul Culinary Institute

Students at work.

(All photos are courtesy of the Istanbul Culinary Institute.) A Traveler Attends the Istanbul Culinary Institute By Emilie C. Harting Were it not for the large letters “Istanbul Culinary Institute” above the front entrance, one would assume that the restaurant Enstitu was an elegant café in a row of buildings next to the Pera Museum southeast of Taksim Square.  … [Read more...]

OREGON: Feast On!

One lucky little boy enjoys a carmel apple. (Photo courtesty of Mt. Hood.)

Autumn Festival Showcases Oregon’s Bounty with Mountain, Farm and City Delights By Deston Nokes Whether foraging for chanterelles, plucking huckleberries, quaffing expertly crafted ales or getting one’s teeth stuck on a candied apple, visitors to Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory glorious autumn festival, Feast On! ( can indulge in a … [Read more...]

Richard Frisbie Savors Saveur

Richard Frisbie makes Saveur's Paradise Salad. (Photo by Richard Frisbie.)

Alevropita (A Saveur Feta Tart) By RICHARD FRISBIE Sometimes a recipe just jumps off the page at me. It’s as if it were one of those Mad Men era Virginia Slims commercials: “Taste Me, Taste Me.” That’s what happened while I was reading the current issue of Saveur magazine. First, there was an article about “congealed salads.” They didn’t call them that, of course. That’s … [Read more...]



Cookin’ with Cookbooks By Sue Frause I admit to Googling recipes when I’m in a rush and have no time to peruse my cookbook library. Granted, it’s not quite as extensive and impressive as the collection of my chef friend Marty Fernandez, who has more than 400 old and new titles. But the four open shelves in our kitchen, jammed with colorful books in all shapes and sizes, … [Read more...]

ITALIAN CLASSIC: Pasta con Aglio e Olio


Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil By Peter Francis Battaglia Here is my argument to all those people -- take a good look at yourselves, you know who you are -- who think they need to spend hours in the kitchen for a decent home-cooked meal.  You couldn't be further from the truth. Don't be scared. Go for take-out or fast food when you feel like it; but really, you … [Read more...]

BOSTON: Convention Center Pairs Renowned Chefs with New Restaurant

Front of Towne. Photo by Eric Levin

*Editor's note: What an exciting addition to Boston's cityscape. I'm curious to see what kind of magic Lydia and Jasper create at Towne.  Please share your experiences. Send them to and I'll post them after the story. Thank you -- Denise Lydia Shire and Jasper White Collaborate on Towne stove and spirits By Regan Dillon, Public Relations official … [Read more...]


Chocolate torte. (Photo by Rosemary Minati.)

Enticing Fare in Portsmouth Review by Rosemary Minati Mombo, 66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH  03801. Telephone:  603-433-2340. Mombo isn't just a culinary experience. No, this new eatery serves enticing visual fare too. My husband and I fell in love with this restaurant the moment we walked through the door. Located in a charming old  building, it has … [Read more...]

Globalfoodiegal or From the Editor…


Welcome to! August 19, 2010 Yesterday, I made one of my favorite sandwiches. Egg salad with whole grain bread. Then I read about the egg recall. My eggs were not on the recall list, but I threw them away anyway and bought a new dozen. Better safe than salmonella. Make sure your eggs are not on the list:  … [Read more...]



Savor the Spirit of Africa Text and photos by Vivienne Mackie The African continent is home to a variety of fascinating ancient trees and plants, a fact that enhances the mystery and appeal of this continent. One is the Marula Tree, often called “The Great Provider,” because of its many uses. The Marula tree grows naturally in the warm, frost-free regions of … [Read more...]