WISCONSIN: Jazzed Up Marshmallows Provide a Perfect Holiday Topping

By Deston S. Nokes

No more coffee, no more tea, I’m seeking chocolaty warmth from head to … knee.

With a wintery bluster outside my Oregon home, I rifled through my cupboards for hot chocolate and a package of cinnamon-infused marshmallows from Jazzed Up Marshmallows that I had been saving for just this type of day.

Specialty marshmallows, mmm ... (Photo by Kate Barr, www.katebarrphotography.com.)

Plopping a few of the small rectangles on top of my cocoa, I watched as they started melding with the chocolate. The first sip immediately filled my mouth with rich, cinnamon-spicy, chocolate goodness. Wow!

Yes, gourmet, cinnamon-flavored marshmallows may seem to some like a trivial treat; but these marshies are the bomb.

On a recent travel excursion, I was sold on the concept by a fellow traveler, Jason Quednow. He and his wife, Michelle, started Jazzed Up Marshmallows last March, and have been wowing customers with these flavorful, sweet concoctions.

“As we say on our website, each 1×1-inch marshmallow is around 30 calories, but it feels like you’re eating a pint of ice cream,” Jason said.

Never have I seen a fellow so excited about marshmallows, and I wouldn’t understand had I not tried them for myself. He and his wife have conjured up a kaleidoscope of flavors: chocolate, mint chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, peppermint, orange Dreamsickle, rootbeer, raspberry lemonade, toasted coconut, peanut butter cup, butterscotch chocolate chip, lemon and … especially for the holidays, pumpkin!

The spongy, sweet rectangles make great holiday, wedding and baby shower gifts. And Jason and Michelle urge folks to expand beyond melting them into s’mores and cocoa; and experiment by using the Jazzed Up Marshmallows to top ice-cream sundaes, to blend into Rice Krispie treats and for coffee and other drinks.

Gourmet and specialty marshmallows.

Prices range from $2.50 for a small, 1/10-lb. bag, to $15 for a 1-lb. bag of about 100 marshmallows. Mixed flavors are priced a little higher. Orders can be taken on the website, or for more information, contact:

Jazzed Up Marshmallows
Michelle & Jason Quednow

(262) 903-8029
Lake Mills, WI

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